Digital Flora of Indonesia

A continuously updated checklist of Indonesian plants

This checklist presents the currently known species of plants from Indonesia, the largest country in the Malesia phytogeographical region. Prepared based on bibliographical review as well as recent observations, this checklist should be considered as preliminary, i.e. contains errors and incomplete information. A total number of 22649 vascular plant species already listed on this website and we are still regularly updating the database. At present, the checklist is presented in plain text version and a more feature-rich layout presentation/web is currently being prepared.

2,022 species

48 species

20,580 species

The ten largest families

3,825 species

1,614 species

665 species

616 species

606 species

577 species

491 species

444 species

429 species

423 species

The total number of species in each family can be seen here: